Church Base

 Sedgley Community VChurch is a Spirit-led place oif worship. It has seen an interseting influx of experienced Christians and those that are finding God in recent weeks and months. It is apparent that God is bringin us together to build His church.

Part of the vision is to support and encourage other local churches which aalsoi means that new Christians - and those not so new - can have the opportunity to preach the Word and minister to others maybe for thre first time. After thew first two seminars in the Academy, 4 new speakers were givejn 156 minutes each to talk on subjects which Pastor Steve gave them! Some may find this difficult, but subjects were given to help them. To have the whole Bible to go at and a blank sheet of paper is arguably more intimidating and a given subjects helps focus the heart!

A week or so ago, we were 'missing' 6 key people forkm our own Sunday morning ervice as they were all out ministering in other local churches. What joy!